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Serving Tribal and Indigenous Communities in Arizona and Worldwide

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Welcome to Tribal Web Development, a dedicated branch of the Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program (IPLP) at James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona. Our mission is to create and manage websites that serve and amplify the voices of Indigenous and Native American communities. 

Through Tribal Web Development, we are devoted to enhancing the digital presence of Indigenous communities, ensuring it reflects their unique cultures and perspectives.

Tribal Web Development, in collaboration with the University of Arizona Campus Web Services, specializes in creating websites for the University of Arizona colleges, departments, units, and centers, with a focus on serving tribal and indigenous communities in Arizona and worldwide. Our portfolio includes a range of projects that showcases our commitment to blending innovative web solutions with the specific needs of tribal communities.

Utilizing the University of Arizona Quickstart system based on Drupal, Tribal Web Development crafts websites hosted on Pantheon, known for its robust hosting capabilities. Our expertise lies in constructing searchable databases specifically designed for indigenous human rights advocates and communities. These tools are invaluable for accessing a wide array of international human rights resources efficiently and effectively.

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In addition to our core services, Tribal Web Development extends its capabilities to creating student course applications, interactive world maps, and other engaging digital resources. Emphasizing accessibility, our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices. Furthermore, we employ advanced web analytics tools to analyze user interactions and continuously improve our websites, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our users and communities. This holistic approach to web development reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful digital solutions.

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