Admission Overview


Fuel your dreams and navigate your path with a University of Arizona Degree

In these transformative times, the world calls for dedicated advocates and professionals with a profound understanding of diverse fields, including Tribal Courts & Justice Administration, Tribal Economic Development, Indigenous Governance, Tribal Natural Resource Management, and Professional Development. Will you heed the call?

The UANativeNET, in partnership with the University of Arizona Virtual Tribal Microcampus Network, opens diverse pathways to education and career development, embracing the rich tapestry of tribal perspectives and challenges. We provide an array of degrees, courses, and certificates with concentration tracks tailored to your interests and aspirations. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity extends to our recognition of the unique needs and contributions of tribal communities.

Administered by IPLP and broadcasting from the PYT-UA Microcampus, the UA Virtual Tribal Microcampus Network is designed for Arizona tribes and indigenous communities nationally and internationally without a present physical location needed to host a UA Tribal Microcampus on or near their communities. Through this network of one-stop tribally-dedicated UA Virtual Tribal Microcampus websites, any tribal member or employee with access to Wi-Fi or a designated tribal Wi-Fi location can:

  • Take online and simulcast courses offered at UA and other tribal microcampuses in the IPLP network.
  • Conduct research with full student-level access to UA libraries, databases, and numerous other knowledge-based resources.
  • Collaborate on projects with UA faculty, contact UA on-campus resources, and engage in two-way communication with UA financial aid, admissions, and academic counselors and advisors, all through one easily accessible portal.

Join us in shaping a more equitable future, where tribal voices are valued, empowered, and technologically connected.