Scholarships and Financial Aid


And overcome financial barriers with the support of Tribal Scholarships and Financial Aid at the UANativeNET.

The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law's Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy Program (IPLP), in collaboration with the University of Arizona Senior Vice President's Office of Native American Advancement & Tribal Engagement (NAATE), is dedicated to making education accessible and affordable for tribal members and communities through UANativeNET. We work closely with tribal nations and indigenous communities to provide flexible education options either on their homeland or through our virtual platform. UANativeNET actively partners with tribes to establish scholarships and offer financial assistance to students enrolled in our courses, benefiting both tribal employees and members. Additionally, in conjunction with the NAATE office, we extend reduced costs for University of Arizona courses, degrees, graduate, and undergraduate certificates. Our University of Arizona Tribal Microcampus model ensures that program and course fees are aligned with UA's most cost-effective credit rates, ultimately enhancing accessibility and affordability for all.

The Tribe also generously offers a designated space for the UA to facilitate microcampus academic programs. This partnership eliminates the need for additional infrastructure investment, allowing the University of Arizona to concentrate on delivering top-tier educational instruction in close collaboration with the Tribe.