Tribal Microcampus Model

Tribal Microcampus Model
Features & Benefits

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Explore our innovative design of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe - University of Arizona Microcampus, meticulously crafted to foster an engaging learning environment. Our state-of-the-art facility features a dynamic classroom space centered around a multi-functional presentation area, surrounded by individual workstations for focused study. Collaborative tables are strategically placed to encourage teamwork and group discussions. The campus design includes dedicated rooms equipped with the latest technology to support various learning styles and activities. Alongside academic necessities, the infrastructure seamlessly integrates essential amenities for convenience and comfort, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

tribal classroom model

The primary features and benefits of the UA-Tribal Microcampus Model are:

Cost Effectiveness

The Tribe provides a designated space for the UA to support microcampus academic programs, alleviating the need for new infrastructure and allowing UA to focus on delivering high-quality educational instruction in collaboration with the Tribe.

Affordable Tuition

The microcampus model allows program and course fees to be based on the UA’s lowest cost-per-credit rates, increasing access and affordability.

Collaborative Teaching

Courses can be offered in on-line, in-person, simulcast or hybrid modalities and can be co-taught by UA faculty members and/or a local college/university level qualified faculty member.

Research Incubation

Microcampusses serve as hubs for UA faculty and tribal collaboration and capacity building, including joint research and grant proposals.

Comprehensive Engagement

Microcampusses provide a platform and physical location for student training and exchange, short-term programs at the microcampus and the UA campus in Tucson,  language training, service-learning, internships, and other forms of engaged learning.